How can you find out if your work fits with what you find interesting in life? Research has shown that if you know what your values are and you choose work that matches those values, you're much more likely to be happy and therefore perform better. These values are called career anchors or motivation anchors. Schein, who developed a questionnaire to gauge these anchors, has done a lot of research from the 70's and came to some interesting insights that today are more than ever valid.

Example, when you are a creative at heart, then you will get bored quickly in a routine job. And that goes for less extreme examples too. Work that contains your main motivator, gives you more satisfaction and a sense of 'your place' to be, then work that does not match the career anchor that most suits you.

Career anchors can constitute a motive for choices you make in the course of your career. Often you are not aware. However, if you make choices that are diametrically opposed to this, they come to the surface because it is wringing. Do you know them well and keep in mind, then they will contribute to both your self-image and your self-realization: you do what most suits you. One career anchor is not better or worse than another.

Sure, you can temporarily be forced to choose for something not in line with your career anchor. If you're out of work and you need money urgently then you tackle everything available. Also health reasons or family responsibilities can lead you to make other career moves than your heart tells you. These are all factors you should take into account. But research shows that many people still gradually arrive at their most appropriate career anchor.

Through this link you can fill in the free questionnaire after requesting your log-in. It takes about 10 minutes. On the next pages you will then find the results and a brief explanation of the anchors.

Do you feel that the results aren't exactly fitting with your current situation and you are ready to actively take steps and invest in your career, then candidate for a free 30 minutes CSI call via this link.
This "Career Scene Investigation" call is possibly the first step back to more happiness and effectiveness in your work.

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