5 tips to easier networking during the festivity season

Do you like to go to the social events which you will probably attend in the coming weeks? Or are you already getting sweaty hands thinking about it? At the start of my career, being rather introverted, I didn’t like to attend receptions, business clubs, etc. at all because I didn’t know how to ‘work’ them. Until my boss taught me a few very useful tricks and I gladly share some of these with you.
Thanks to this I became an active, enthusiastic and more outgoing participant of several business clubs. Over time these contacts became a warm and helpful network with many nice and interesting people with whom I exchange useful information any time I can, and it is still growing.

So here are some of the tips that worked for me:

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How knowing your career anchors can make you happier in your work

How can you find out if your work fits with what you find interesting in life? Research has shown that if you know what your values are and you choose work that matches those values, you're much more likely to be happy and therefore perform better. These values are called career anchors or motivation anchors. Schein, who developed a questionnaire to gauge these anchors, has done a lot of research from the 70's and came to some interesting insights that today are more than ever valid.

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Past jouw werk bij datgene wat jij de moeite waard vindt in het leven?

Hoe kan je dit te weten komen? Een moeilijke vraag, waar niet zonder meer een antwoord op bestaat. Onderzoek heeft laten zien dat als je weet wat je waarden zijn en je werk kiest die overeenkomt met die waarden, je veel meer kans maakt om gelukkig te zijn en dan ook beter presteert. Die waarden heten loopbaanankers of motivatieankers. Schein, die een vragenlijst heeft ontwikkeld om deze ankers te peilen, heeft vanaf de jaren 70 hierover heel wat onderzoek verricht en komt tot een aantal interessante inzichten die vandaag meer dan ooit gelden.

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